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Study Shows Sea Buckthorn Can Reduce Oily Skin By 45%

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Oily skin is an issue for many people

A study undertaken in 2010 at the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan focused on the effect of sea buckthorn (H.rhammoides) oil on the skins sebum production. Sebum is the oil secreted by our skins sebaceous glands and people who produce higher-than-average amounts of sebum are prone to oiliness, blocked pores, increased bacteria on the skin and a higher chance of acne flare-ups.

To determine the effect of sea buckthorn oil on sebum production the study focused on the effect of a 1% sea buckthorn cream extract on sebum production. The study involved 10 male volunteers between the age of 20 and 35 over a period of 8 weeks. Each participant was administered either the treatment cream containing sea buckthorn oil or the placebo cream which did not contain the plant extract.

The results over the 8 weeks of using the sea buckthorn treatment lead to an increase softness and shine of the skin due to the increased omega fatty acids, which balance the skins PH levels according to the scientists. [R]

The participants also experienced a noticeable decline in sebum production outlined below:

 Week 1: 17% reduction in sebum production

Week 2: 18% reduction in sebum production

Week 3: 23% reduction in sebum production

Week 4: 27% reduction in sebum production

Week 6: 37% reduction in sebum production

Week 8: 45% reduction in sebum production

Results of the 8 week study

Source: Formulation and evaluation of anti-sebum secretion effects of sea buckthorn w/o emulsion

 Why is this important for me?

Anyone who suffers from acne or oily skin should consider using sea buckthorn oil to manage their skins sebum production. Acne can produce 3 times more oil than healthy skin, which can lead to a range of issues including a greasy and shiny complexion, a negative effect on self-esteem and overall decrease in skin health.

Who is likely to benefit?

Everyone! Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer from acne to benefit from sea buckthorn oil, as it also regenerates skin tissue to keep you youthful, glowing and radiant while providing long lasting hydration for your skin.

It’s nutrient rich profile provides over 190 skin enhancing nutrients directly to your skin to balance the PH levels and ensure your skin maintains a healthy glow all year round.

Sea buckthorn oil benefits for skin include reduced oily skin


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